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The HMR:

The ‘Hammer’ is the ideal arrow for hunters who desire a high degree of accuracy and lethality without the headache and expense of constant testing and tuning. Gone are the days of poor penetration and weak blood trails. Especially when paired with a well built broadhead, the HMR’s robust design makes it a truly lethal tool.

The HMR is built on a micro diameter shaft with the Ethics static insert system and Q2i vanes. Because of the adjustable weight of the insert, we’re able to achieve a perfect spine match for every user based on their specs. Simply indicate your draw length, weight, and hunting application - we’ll put you in the appropriate spine and insert weight for an accurate and hard-hitting setup.

No more spine charts! This arrow comes fully assembled and ready to thread-in your head of choice.

We considered many of Ashby’s notes when putting together this system, but adapted the design to fit the modern compound shooter. If you’d like to dive deep, check out our YouTube channel.


The Shaft:

Inner Diameter: .166” or 4.2mm

Nocks that fit: Easton G, Firenock G, Nockturnal G, Bohining F

32” max carbon to carbon - acceptable up to 33” draw

Ethics Static Insert/Outsert System:

Aluminum and Steel components

Available in 65, 105, 135, and 175 grain combinations


6" long and 11 grains

See The HMR in Action