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Vector Custom Shop exists to help hunters get the most out of their bow by providing purpose-built arrows at direct-to-consumer prices. Our journey began as an experiment. We wanted to see if we could build the ultimate hunting arrow for our own use. Something very heavy, reusable, small diameter, and deadly accurate.

The HMR is the result of our experiments. We have been so pleased with this product we decided to share it with the masses. 

Too often hunters will pick up a box of arrows, screw in a broadhead, and head to the woods. They are unaware that their kit could be far more effective, resulting in many more ethical kills. 

By providing custom-built options for our users, we hope to equip a new generation of hunters with projectiles that are properly weighted for the game they pursue. To learn more about the specifics of arrow building and ethical hunting, stay tuned for the launch of our podcast in Q1 2020. 

We are committed to serving our users directly. The HMR and subsequent products will not be sold in retail. Part of our mission is to make top-notch tools accessible to all... and that means cutting out the middle man and his outrageous markup. 

There will be additional products in the near future - but you can always count on us to provide quality, purpose-built arrows direct to consumer.