The HMR started as a tool we built for ourselves, but it was too good not to share! 

Because of it's internal diameter of 0.166", it fits the 'micro-diameter' classification. However, the walls of this shaft are so thick, you may feel like you're holding a standard .204" shaft (often called 5mm or 'small diameter'). 

This construction gives the HMR it's weight and durability, while remaining a very slim outer diameter.

Paired with the Ethics Archery outsert system, you've got a deadly duo. The outsert system is unlike anything the market has seen to date. It adds an insane amount of durability to the front of the arrow, and allows full adjustability of FOC. Available in 45 to 175 grains, you can be sure your setup will fit the application no matter what game you're chasing - turkeys to water buffalos. 

* Here's the bottom line - the best arrow for you is fitted to your personal specs. It is built to accomplish a specific goal.

Do you want something fast or heavy hitting, or somewhere in between?

Do you want the heaviest arrow possible while maintaining 280fps?

We want to build the arrow that best suits you. That's what really makes the HMR the ultimate hunting arrow. Not simply the design. 

Check out this video for an overview on the system -->